Hi, I'm Nathan. Here's what I do:


I have 10 years of experience in various forms of graphic design, including web, print, layout, advertising, signage, and logos. Organizations that I’ve done projects for include The Smithsonian Institution, Poetry Foundation, Amazon, Microsoft, VMWare, The Kennedy Center in DC, and the Library of Congress. I pride myself on creating designs that are both aesthetically brilliant while remaining wholly pragmatic. I joyfully accept the tension of creating designs that are straightforward, but adventurous, and bold, but minimal. My work process is efficient, but meticulous, and professional… but a whole lot of fun.


I’ve branded (and re-branded) everything from art exhibitions to conferences to individual professionals. My aesthetic is as versatile as my clients are diverse— as a masterful collaborator, I am able to work with my clients to create a look that suits them— while I love the process of brainstorming and presenting ideas, I am strongly against forcing my own creative vision upon anyone. All of the branding I create reflect, ultimately, the best possible version of what my clients want.


My wire sculptures have appeared in an exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution and my illustrations were featured in a joint exhibition by Poetry Foundation and the Smithsonian. I view everything I do as an artistic expression, as beauty and visceral evocation are key to all of my designs, photos, and animations.


I’ve illustrated exhibition artwork for Poetry Foundation and the Smithsonian, album covers, children’s books, posters, and music videos. I also regularly create digital illustrations for Poetry Foundation’s web articles.


I have 8 years of experience in animation. I specialize in motion graphics and kinetic typography, but have also created short animated stories and clips. My animations have been shown in conferences, a Smithsonian exhibition, and were even televised in South Africa.


I have 5 years of experience in photography. I specialize in event, travel, and urban photography. My photos from March for Our Lives Tokyo were featured by CNN, The Huffington Post, and other news outlets.


I am an expert in project management. My ability to communicate, create timelines and tangible steps, meet deadlines, and produce quality work with tight deadlines is unmatched and is what ultimately sets me apart from other designers. In university, I also excelled in team management, where I led our student media organization to over 10 national awards in my 3-semester tenure as Advertising Design Manager.


I have 6 years of copywriting experience (web & print marketing, social media, project proposals). I’ve also had success in academic and creative writing, which includes one of my undergraduate papers being published in an academic journal. Most of all, I pride myself on my practical and professional writing skills. In an increasingly digital world with fewer face-to-face conversations and more email correspondence, my knack for written communication has proved to be invaluable. I am able to receive input and communicate my ideas over a few short emails rather than lengthy phone calls.

Let's Get to Work.

Main Projects


Smithsonian APAC, Library of Congress, Poetry Foundation
Branding, web, and layout design for the 2019 Asian American Literature Festival

Jennifer Hudson, Author
Illustrations for the children’s book Mixed-Up Mari


Smithsonian APAC
Branding, web, layout, and product design for APAC’s education program. Branding and marketing design for Now You See Us (presented in Partnership with the Kennedy Center), One-Day Center for Refugee Poetics, and Back to the Future (a panel at the AAAS conference)
Branding, layout and illustration for The Culture Lab Manifesto Playbook

Technical diagram design for publication in books, layout design for 3 books published by VMWare Press

Poetry Foundation
Branding and illustration for the Meryl Streep-narrated podcast A Change of World
Illustrations for the exhibition On Visiting the Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens
Miscellaneous illustrations and graphics for web articles

Jeanny Kim, Director of Programming, Today at Apple DC
Web design, animation, photography, and presentation design for a 45-minute programming proposal at Apple’s headquarters


Smithsonian APAC
Branding, marketing design, exhibition signage, apparel, and program design for the exhibition Ae Kai and the 2017 Asian American Literature Festival (presented in partnership with the Library of Congress, Poetry Foundation, and Dupont Underground)

HTC Music
Animation and illustration of a music video for the song “I Will Follow” and watercolor illustrations for the children’s book based on the song

Alpha Leadership Breakfast (ALB)
Branding, layout, program trifold, and web design for ALB 2017, featuring Suzy Welch
Photography and technical assistance for the event

Holy Trinity Church
Web design and management, social media management and design
Event branding, event photography
Layout design for handouts and brochures, signage design for building


Smithsonian APAC
Branding, marketing design, and exhibition signage, apparel, and program design for the exhibition CTRL+ALT
Social media coverage, fine art, exhibition design, and photography for CTRL+ALT

University of Hawaii Student Media Board
Re-branding of the organization, creation of marketing materials, advertising design
Management of the organization's advertising design team
Event branding, layout design for editorial-like ads

Creation of 3-dimensional map of entire University of Hawaii campus featuring eatery locations

Kapolei Golf Club
Re-design of the club's restaurant and bar menus
Social media and digital flyer design
Signage design